The VAC SCREEN® SYSTEM uses negative pressure or vacuum to overcome the surface tension of the drilling fluid on the screen.

By overcoming the surface tension of the fluid on the screen we provide a dry screen for the cuttings to contact instead of the cuttings hydroplaning through drilling fluid that normally covers the shaker screen.

This allows the cuttings to passively release the oil adsorbed to them which results in a significant reduction in Oil On Cuttings % without any increase in Low Gravity Solid.


How does it work?

Depending on the shaker type, a manifold is installed underneath the last shaker screen or affixed onto the end of the shaker.

A hose connected to the manifold provides suction and recovers the drilling fluid lost off of the cuttings as they contact a dry screen.

This fluid is recovered into a contained vacuum tank and then automatically discharged in 320L increments.

The cycles are digitally recorded and recovery volumes are reported back at the end of each well.


  • Quality drilling fluid is recovered, recycled and digitally recorded
  • Automatic discharge removes need for manpower on location
  • Reduction in oil on cuttings of 30-40% reduces sawdust usage and haul off
  • Small footprint
  • Improves Solids Control Efficiency by allowing you to screen up on preceding screens
  • Easily installed onto existing shakers
  • No increase in LGS of recovered fluid

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