The Strip-O-Matic pipe wiper is a pneumatically controlled system that conserves drilling mud and other fluids in oilfield drilling. The system comprises two overlapping rubber or poly-urethane pads to wrap around the pipe. Pressure between the pads and the drill string is maintained at any pre-set level by air-actuated cylinders.



Clam-O-Matic is a fully automatic drill pipe wiper. It can be installed either above or below the rotary table It is self contained and can be           mounted on a standard rig floor in less than two hours. It has a remote control panel mounted near the driller’s console.

The 14.5″ I.D. model can wipe 2-7/8″ to 8-1/2″ O.D. tubular while allowing passage of up to 12-1/4″ down-hole drilling tools such as key seat wipers, reamers, hole openers, bits, etc. This is accomplished without damage to the wiping pads. Under normal operating conditions the wiping pads will last several months. To mount this unit below the rotary table requires a 35″X15″ reinforced window in one table beam.


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