• Filtramax is your filtration solutions partner. Our only business is filtration. Filtramax looks at each item closely to assess performance and outcomes. They treat filtration as a critical functional component, not a commodity.
  • They cover all aspects of filtration. This allows us to recommend superior products for all plant applications which helps our customers to reduce its source of supply.
  • Filtramax represent a large number of world class suppliers. This means that your company’s interests are always protected since we have the ability to recommend the correct products to meet all of your specifications and demands and not be held to a specific manufacturer’s product limitations. They also work closely with our manufacturers and have constant access to their expertise.
  • They are structured to act as a field service company. By continuously being available to the plants, we are able to respond quickly, help identify potential problems and constantly seek out new opportunities to improve performance, reduce maintenance costs and extend machinery life.
  • They are a division of Wainbee Limited. This means that we are also supported by a complete fluid power and automation group of technical representatives and engineering team. Filtramax is an ISO 9001, employee owned company and Canadian enterprise. We have 16 locations across Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto to Montréal and more.
  • Support capabilities. Filtramax is able to offer many support capabilities to directly benefit your operation like oil analysis, on-site particle counts, in-plant seminars and plant identification surveys by machine.
  • They represent proven products. Some examples are Filtration Group hydraulic and lube products, Filtramax’s vacuum dehydrator / purification units, and Des-Case desiccant breathers that have outperformed the competition.

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