C~CAN POWER SYSTEMS INC. designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of high performance DC Power Systems used to support critical communication, industrial process and transportation systems. Incorporated in 1983, C~CAN POWER SYSTEMS INC. is an ISO9001 Certified company headquartered in Acton, Ontario, Canada with sales and product support partners worldwide.

Manufacturing capabilites

C~CAN POWER SYSTEMS INC. offers a complete range of rectifier systems from 1A to 1200A in 24, 48, 125, 250 and 600VDC outputs. Continued research and development has resulted in world-class rectifiers that offer the highest reliability, broadest input tolerance and widest range of features available today. Systems availability is further enhanced by local support and C~CAN POWER SYSTEMS INC. has a worldwide network of factory trained service partners with spare parts and full maintenance programs.

Quality policy

Every C~CAN POWER SYSTEMS INC. employee is committed to providing both our internal and external customer's with a quality product that meets their needs and requirements.
C~CAN POWER SYSTEMS INC. management and employees are committed to achieving our quality objectives, and to maintaining and continuously improving a quality system, which allows us to achieve this commitment to our customers, while working to improve their levels of satisfaction.


C~Can's quality system has been successfully audited to ISO9001:2008 since 1998 and CSAZ299.2 since 2006. We have also been audited by CANPAC as an authorized supplier to the Candu owners group for Nuclear applications.

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